Aristophanesathon Update 8/22

The Aristophanesathon had its first reading last week at the University of Chicago. There was a great turn out, and U of C provided some delicious food. Thanks to all who attended and worked on the reading.

I discovered a lot about the script- I think that the general structure and feeling of the piece works. It is going to be five hours: three sections of 80 minutes, with two 30 minute meal breaks. The second section was super boring and needs a lot of work, it is the part with the highest concentration of obscure Aristophanes’ plays. I have some fun ideas to make each section feel more like a complete play, so it can be successfully broken  up over three nights.

I will have more workshops in the next few months, just finalizing details. I’ll post about it here. If you know some interested in hosting a workshop, let me know, I would love to work on the script with a bunch of different artists in a bunch of different cities. As always please get in touch with any questions.

Thanks for your interest. Have a great day.


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