Hello Nice People,

I am excited to have finished the first draft of a conjoined adaptation featuring the eleven surviving plays of Aristophanes! (Maybe this will finally end my obsession with the Greeks.)

It is called the Aristophanesathon.

It is a long three-part event, running about five or six hours. It can stand alone, or it can work in tandem with All Our Tragic. Meaning it can exist by itself in an evening (like my play Sophocles: These Seven Sicknesses) or it can be broken up over three eighty-minute evenings to play during the week of an All Our Tragic production, in order to expand the All Our Tragic universe for diehard fans (and add revenue opportunities for producers.)

It has a cast of six that play twenty-seven characters. There are very little technical demands in the script, it is written to be performed in any setting, even non-theaters. It can be fully-designed, or it can be very rough and lo-fi. As long as the audience can drink during the performance.

The main concept is that it follows a character named Praxagora throughout her life, it goes from when she is a girl of eleven, to just before her death at fifty-five. It also focusses on her mother, Myrine.

Basically, I made three strongly-connected plays out of the eleven of Aristophanes. Think of each part like a Shakespearean comedy, it has a main character, but it also has a few subplots happening, at the end everything gets resolved; or, unlike in typical comedies, people die.

Section One is when Aristophanes is eleven, it covers Lysistrata, Wealth and Peace. If connected to the All Our Tragic timeline, it takes place right after Part 1, still a few decades before Part 2.

Section Two, twenty-nine years later, Aristophanes is forty, it covers The Knights, The Clouds, The Wasps and Ecclesiazusae. If connected to the All Our Tragic timeline, it happens right between Part 2 and Part 3.

Section Three has Aristophanes at age fifty-five, she is fighting an illness and knows her death is near. It covers The Acharnians, The Birds, The Frogs and Thesmophoriazusae. If connected to the All Our Tragic timeline, the events occur right before Part 4.

This project is so fun for me, but I’m also finding it an unexpected place to share some very personal stories of pain, loss and growing older. There is still a ton of work to do on the script, maybe look for a premiere in Spring 2018. Maybe.

I hope when you see it, you’ll like. I’ll keep posing about it here, on the All Our Tragic blog. There maybe some public reading readings or special events, if you’re interested.

Please contact me with any questions. I hope you and your loved ones are doing well.



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