All Our Tragic is extended until August 19. Only 10 more shows.


How are you?

 All Our Tragic is extending until August 16th. That means there are only ten more performances, only ten more chances to see All Our Tragic.

 Please come see All Our Tragic. Buy tickets now, they are selling incredibly quickly. 

We are about to enter our 5th week of performances and this weekend will be very special, Tommy Rapley will be taking of the roles of Prometheus, Eteokles, Rhesus and Orestes. My good friend, the amazingly talented Geoff Button suffered an injury from which he is healing well, but he unable to finish the run of All Our Tragic. I cannot think of a better performer than Tommy to assume these roles.

Come see Tommy, come see all of us. ALL OUR TRAGIC TICKETS.

I hope to see you at the show. Please make sure you say hello if you are there.

Sincerely, Sean

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