All Our Tragic Rehearsal Update

I hope you are doing well.

We have had our first week of rehearsals for All Our Tragic and it is great to be back. I missed all of these actors and characters. Our first preview is June 20 and there are only 16 performances. Buy tickets now.

We started this week with a full day reading on Sunday. It was very emotional, we missed Erin Myers tremendously.

The rest of the week we started re-staging the play for the new set orientation. It is now in  a thrust rather than the alley we had last year. We are about half way through, and so far all of the changes seem to be working. The real script shifts are loaded in the second half, so we’ll see how that goes this weekend. I am very nervous/excited about the the adjustments in the Troy section, (fingers crossed).

Outside of the rehearsal room we are trying to figure out the final touches for the menu. The food is going to be so much more delicious than last year. We are partnering with a great organization Inspiration Kitchen.

I hope you can come to the show. Buy tickets now.

Be well. Sean


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