All Our Tragic Rehearsals Start in One Month


How are you? We are one month away from the first rehearsal for the All Our Tragic remount.  Wow. I cannot wait to be in the room with all the actors and designers.

There are vast improvements for the remount including a better selection of food due to the efforts of Nancy Needles, an incredible Board Member of the Hypocrites. We will also have more informational material available for the audience, including a published key what All Our Tragic sections correlate to the original tragedies.  There are many re-writes, like modifications to the ending  and total re-hauls of the Troy section and Helen. Finally there will be a reconfigured set design  by the original designer Tom Burch. I hope you can come check it all out.

There are only 16 performances. Sales have been phenomenal. Today, 4/14/15, is your last chance to get $100 tickets for the regular run. At the end of day tomorrow tickets will be increased to $125. Buy tickets now.

Thank you for reading all this. I am excited to see you at the show.

Email me with any questions.

Sincerely, Sean


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