144 Days Until All Our Tragic Returns- Buy Tickets, Donate, Get Ready.

Hello, how are you today?

In 144 days we have our first All Our Tragic preview in Chicago, yikes. Buy tickets for the remount, we are selling fast. Hypocrites Box Office.

Also, you might want donate! Now is great time to do so. All Our Tragic Donations.

This remount is going to be quite pricey as we improve upon the audience experience with better food-service and much more dramaturgical information available.

If you are out of town and want to see All Our Tragic, Chicago is really fun in summer. If you want help with hotel suggestions please let me know.

Lastly, an update- we are having a four day workshop next week to read and discuss the latest edits, I am very excited. I will definitely keep you posted on the progress (or regress).

And last Friday evening my friend Emily Casey (who played Helen and others) and I went to the Chicago Waldorf School where 10th graders performed their own version of the first act of All Our Tragic. It was amazing, all of the students did such great work- they designed,  wrote rap songs, made giant Cyklops puppets, and crafted introductory choral odes that were just beautiful. Great job! Special thank you to the mastermind director Sarah Wellington who brought the whole thing together.

As always, please let me know any questions. I really appreciate your interest in All Our Tragic.

Sincerely, Sean   sean@seangraney.com

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