All Our Tragic Update

Hello Nice People Interested in All Our Tragic,

How are you today?

Thank goodness, I am back to working on the script for All Our Tragic again after a  two-month sabbatical where I concentrated on re-becoming Artistic Director of The Hypocrites. My three years working on All Our Tragic was a  huge reason I wanted to return as AD. Here is an article from American Theatre magazine that explains it. The Real Story Graney Returns… It’s not as dramatic as the headline makes it sound.

Anyway, we are fundraising again for the remount opening in June, just four months away. (Oh man, I can’t wait.) We were off to amazing start, then I haven’t had time to remind all of you it was happening for the last month or so as I concentrated on general Hypocrites income gathering. So here we go again, it’s like a re-launch of our campaign. Click here to help out. We have a very lofty goal of $75,000.  It is totally achievable, right? Right?

Script update. We are having a weeklong workshop in a few weeks, where we get hear the latest edits out loud and have discussion between members of the team. Yes!

The Troy section is much more interesting to me know. This was about twenty minutes in performance where I felt the audience disengage, so I am very eager to see this new flow. I wrote a monologue for Odyssa that I like a lot, it still needs some work, but overall I am kind of proud of it. Hearing it aloud I’ll probably realize there is more showboating than sharing, but that’s easy to cut.

Also the ending, I felt like we were really close to a great ending with the production last summer, but a few things never felt right. I have reworked, and re-reworked the ending, I am interested to see what people think at the workshop. It is still the same concept, just more focussed and character driven rather than having my voice come through Orestes so strongly.

I also deepened the character of Dejanira, wife to Herakles. My version of her was born in my Sophocles plays where she functioned really well. I realized I never examined her for All Our Tragic the way I did for most of the other characters. I wanted to see if I could give her more depth, my friend Tien Doman, the amazing actress who has played Dejanira since Sophocles gave me some good encouragement about the direction we are heading.

Lastly, the Helen chunk. Damn you Euripides! I totally gutted this section and I started over. I tried to re-invent my relationship with the play and I wrote a version totally different from the quick change non-sense I had before. I ended up going back to my initial structure, but I made some interesting realizations while I was exploring. 1) No one cared about the quick changes. 2) Other than a snide irony, there was no consequence for Menelaus, especially because he was blind in his choice of Helens. So the whole section is now much more focussed on Menelaus ultimately choosing to take the Trojan Helen back home, whether she is the original Helen or not. The Island Helen loves him unconditionally, and the Trojan Helen seems to despise him, so Menelaus makes the choice that love is worth fighting for, if it isn’t, then it has no value. And at the end of All Our Tragic it ends up being his tragedy.

I really like this new version, it is much less silly, and much more heart breaking.  Hopefully we will be able to hold the attention during the final hours of the event in ways where I felt during last summer audiences were forgiving of Helen, but not 100% behind it . Emily Casey, the incredible performer who jumped into Helen with full commitment helped me a lot with this new draft. What would I do with these incredible artists?

Well, that’s it, I promise I will be updating you all more as the weeks progress. As always feel free to email me: I would love to hear from you.

And, I know so many of you have already given so much, but if you can give a little to help this project remount, that would be fantastic. Donate.

I hope you have a great day.

Sincerely, Sean

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