All Our Tragic Remount


How is everyone?

I wanted to let you know that world premiere of All Our Tragic has closed. What a run. I was so proud of the work everyone did including audiences. I was incredibly humbled by the crowds that stayed engaged for the full twelve hours. I have never received so many messages from audience members after a show. I cannot describe how rewarding it has been. Closing night my face hurt because I ran out of tears. I will miss everyone and the experience.

Luckily, The Hypocrites will remount it in the Spring 2015. I know it is eight months away, but tickets are selling already, please buy tickets early, All Our Tragic ticket page. There are a few clicks and scrolls you have to do, but nothing too daunting.

Next, there will be a really low key workshop hosted by the Getty Museum Villa in Los Angeles on November 8th and 9th (my birthday). This is a staged reading with no design elements and the the script will be projected along with the action. It will give us all a chance to introduce the project to the lovely West Coast and experiment with some major changes since the run in Chicago.

Other than that, I will be posting a few geeky posts in the next couple of weeks about specific re-writes.

Please be well, and as always, let me know any questions.

Sincerely, Sean

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