All Our Tragic Update: 9/14/2014


It has been a while since I updated this blog but I wanted to let every one know that All Our Tragic has only 3 more weeks of performances in Chicago, it must close October 5th and the marathon shows are selling out. Check out the The Hypocrites website for tickets-

I am so proud of this production and all of the artist involved. It was a huge challenge to get this show running, I hope you can make it. Here is a link to a reviews compilation if you are curious. All Our Tragic Reviews

I made so many discoveries about the script and how it functions for an audience that I have been back to edits and modifications. We will get a chance to hear these edits at a workshop hosted by the Getty Museum Villa in Los Angeles on November 8th and 9th.

Finally if you are in Chicago and interested in hearing me give a little talk about the project, the Illinois Humanities Council is hosting a free discussion on Tuesday, September 23rd at 6:30 PM.

I am very excited to keep writing and making this project the best it can be. Please let me know if you have any questions,

Sincerely, Sean

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