All Our Tragic Update

How are you nice people?

We are a week into All Our Tragic rehearsals and it is going amazing. We have already blocked the first and longest part (out of four parts total). It ran at three hours and all of the actors felt so energized and excited. I just wanted to cuddle with all 23 actors when it was over. It is funny, it is heartbreaking, it is gross, and it is really going to be something memorable. I cannot wait to get started on the other sections.

This show is really the single most important endeavor of my career so far. Writing it for the past three years has been so rewarding, and now to bring it home to The Hypocrites, watching these characters come to life through these amazing actors, my friends, is unlike I have experienced so far. I could not be happier in this artistic adventure and I feel like if I died the day after opening, I would die satisfied with my life. A little too much information? But it’s true.

So now I come to my point, I really need more help raising funds for this project. A few of you have given and I really appreciate it. A few of you convinced your friends to give and I really appreciate it but I need more help.

Okay, so here is how you can help if you want.
A) Every week post on Facebook in your own voice asking people for money.

B) Give money yourself.

C) The hardest thing, cultivate donors: Pick someone you know in your heart can afford a larger donation and do your best to convince this person.

Any donor can let me know where you want their donation spent. I could give you a menu of some fun things you can “buy” for us. Like Philoktetes severed foot, or Kreon’s cheese snacks, or Herakles’ club which he calls Quite Faithful. Heck, you can even be a sponsor for your favorite line, joke or character. Items like this range from $25 to $300. A high-end line would be Oedipus saying “I solved the Riddle of the Hellbitch.” that one is at least $125, any of you want to sponsor that?

Thank you for considering this. Please brag to me about what you have done or are about to do. Take credit where credit is due.

I love this company. I love this show. Please let me know any and all questions.


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