All Our Tragic Reading Success

Hello Everyone,

How are today?

This past Saturday, May 17th, we completed the twelve-hour staged workshop of All Our Tragic and it was amazing for me. At one point we had a bout 150 patrons present and about 25 amazing people remained the entire time. Including two of my favorite collaborators from Chicago, Tien Doman and Alison Siple.

I was inspired by all of the actor’s performances, but it was mixed with great sadness because it brings to a close my time in Cambridge, MA working with these amazing talented artists. The script has grown so much this last because of all these actors thoughts, talents and passions. I will miss them.

But as I sadly leave these wonderful people behind I am about to walk into a room with a new cast and I could not be more excited for that. We will preparing for the production of All Our Tragic at the Hypocrites in Chicago running from August to October. If you would like to contribute money to that production, please visit

Thank you for reading.

Sincerely, Sean



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