All Our Tragic Update, 2/25/2014

Hello Everyone Who Likes to Read This,

How are you today? It has been a little while since I sent out an update.

Last week, I was able to hang out with my amazing friends and collaborators making Shakespeare shows in Oberon at A.R.T. I miss them already: Tien Doman, Zeke Sulkes, Walter Briggs, Christine Stulik, Lindsey Gavel, Miranda Anderson and Chloe Dzielak. I can’t wait to work with all of them again, hopefully soon, right?

I am sadly past the midway point of my Radcliffe Fellowship, and I have given myself a deadline of May 30th to have the first official rehearsal draft if the script. That means a draft ready to walk into a rehearsal room. That is only three months away. Of course there is not enough time.

I am working consistently with the talented actors from A.R.T./MXAT Institute for Advanced Theater Training at Harvard University. This is our fifth month together and they are teaching many things about their characters.

Update on past changes:  MÉDÉE and PHÈDRE function well as teenage outsiders growing up in a foreign world. The relationship between KREON and TIRESIAS is a nice framing device for the Politics section. The Politics section still needs some work, but I think it is really coming together. Cutting half of the Trojan characters works pretty well, I don’t miss any of them, it gives the audience a chance to get to know POLYXENA and KASSANDRA a lot more deeply, and both those characters are becoming very dear to me.

Finally, the change I just made is to ODYSSEUS, who has never fit quite well into the world, I felt like I was always missing something about his character. I realized he should be a woman, ODYSSA. Once I did that, the character became so much more interesting. I will see how this plays out, I hope it will work well.

That is it for now. Thank you for reading, as always if you have any questions, please email me

Sincerely, Sean

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