All Our Tragic Reading Went Wonderfully

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, December 7th, there was a reading of All Our Tragic and I had a great time. So many people attended we ran out of food at several points. Many people stayed for entire event and there was a standing ovation at the end, which I think was intended for everyone in the room. Thank you all that gave your attention and time to this event.

I had great team there helping pull all of the day’s organizing together: Rebecca Haley, Megan Tiang, Josh Glenn-Kayden and Vanessa Stalling. As well as some wonderful people who helped plan for the event: Jeanne Follansbee, Ryan McKittrick, Julia Smeliansky and Scott Zigler. Also Morgan Goldstein for preparing amazingly detailed dramaturgical information for the audience, and Jeremy Sortore for helping the actors avoid tired voices over the long day. And finally a special thanks to the Radcliffe Institute for providing dinner and just for being amazing.

Let me run down the 17  actors who did a great job reading for twelve hours: Martha Boles, Billy Calder (who’s amazing parents attended), Erin Callahan, Benjamin Crockett, Lauren Doucette, Eduardo Fernandez-Baumann, Danny Goodman, Mario Haynes, Samara Kelly, Laura Kruegel, Ped Naseri, Justin Packard, Jamie Dominique, Marissa Stewart, Dereks Thomas, Rebecca Strimaitis, and Alec Wilson. They were all so great, and I look forward to getting back in the rehearsal with them in January for the event on May 17th, 2014, which will be a rough on-book staging. Yikes.

The script itself is in good shape, I learned a lot. I had recently took a risk and restructured the first half, which meant I had re-adapt half of the plays in a only two weeks. A decision I feel was the correct thing to do. For one section I re-wrote (There Herakles plays) I thought it was very successful, but for the other section (The Theban plays), I realized it needs a lot more work.

But with this re-structuring the script is a lot more produceable. It is now in four parts with distinct arcs: two of the parts are about three hours each, and the other two are about two and a half hours each. So in theory some one can have the smaller chunks play during the week, and have the whole event unfold in twelve hours each weekend day. Which is slightly funny because it sort of returned to my original idea of four sections when I first imagined this project, only those four sections were six hours each.

Just in case you are curious the sections are: Heroics- which deals mostly with Herakles and Medea, it focusses on an age before the organization of cities; Politics- which are the Theban plays, including my version of the Bacchae and Ion. This tell the story of  people dealing with rise of populations; Ethics- all of the Trojan War plays, including my version of the Persians, which deals with the ethics and honor of war; and finally Poetics- an account from Agamemnon’s homecoming to Orestes escape of the Furies and his trial for Matricide.

The major things that need work: making sure Medea has depth as a person who was left by love of her life; the entire foul mess of Politics (the Theban plays); the final scene of the Furies where Orestes is put on trial.

That’s it for now, it is a pretty long post as it is. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

I won’t probably won’t post again before the holidays. So please be well and I hope you and loved ones have a great year end.

Sincerely, Sean

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