All Our Tragic, First Week of Workshop

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are doing well. This is an update about the first week of workshopping.

The full reading last Tuesday was awesome. It lasted about 10 and a half hours, including dinner and breaks. The script is in the best shape yet. After a few months last year of slightly losing an empathetic connection to a lot of the characters, I think I have managed to re-establish my emotional connections to all the people. I am thankfully back to a draft where the humor helps tell the depth of the story, not takes the forefront.

Other things I noticed: The problematic Hecuba Troyfall seems to work. The adjustments I made to character of Helen made that character a lot clearer, and the actress who read her, Marissa, was fantastic.

Actors also pointed out some problems I am excited to work on.

1) The characters of Alkestis and Achilles needs some more exploration. I worked on Alkestis and am very happy with the adjustmenets.

2) Starting Part 2 with Iphigenia is right but then shifting to Eve of War and being introduced to all of the Trojans seemed a little jarring, a great suggestion by one actor, Billy, was to see Achilles and Odysseus spying before we meet the Trojans. I made some of those adjustments and it really works well.

3) Surprisingly, most people became really confused and detached during In Colonus. This slightly strange because I haven’t made adjustments to that play for a while. So I look forward to working that play in more detail with the actors to discover what the problems could be.

Otherwise, the Radcliffe Fellowship is really amazing. I am meeting several brilliant people in a myriad of fields. I am very lucky to be here. Cambridge is really nice. Fall is coming, I do not like being cold, especially knowing it is just going to get colder. I should be used to it after 18 years in Chicago.

Speaking of Chicago, I will be there this weekend for my good friend’s wedding, Geoff Button, who played Orestes in my Sophocles Plays for The Hypocrites. Looking forward to seeing a good amount of my friends.

That’s it for now. As always, please feel free to reach out-

And keep the following dates on your calendar to come to Cambridge: December 7th (directed table read) and May 17th (staged workshop). Let me know if you are coming.

Have a great day.


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