All Our Tragic Update


How are you? As my wife and I prepare to leave Chicago in order for me to begin the final phase of script development for All Our Tragic under my Fellowship at Radcliffe, I wanted to do one last post.

Chicago has been the perfect environment to incubate this project, I am very fortunate to have had access to such incredibly talented actors.  Just to mention a few who have present almost every step of the way: Geoff Button, Tien Doman, Max Lapine, Rob McLean and Zeke Sulkes. And a huge thanks to my often uncredited partner, Miranda Anderson, the stage manager who makes all of my artistic machines run smoothly.  Also, I want to thank Megan Wildebour and Halena Kays at The Hypocrites for being so supportive of this project since the very beginning. Finally, thanks again to all the people who donated money to launching this project, I am tremendously in debt to you. (Please forgive me if you feel you deserve a citation and I did not mention you, I still think you are great.)

I have not been doing much writing on All Our Tragic since the reading in July due to the fact that I have been directing my adaptation of Twelfth Night with The Hypocrites. I have been having a great time, please come if you can, I love the show and the performers.

Also, I just went to see Oedipus and the Foul Mess in Thebes four of the plays from All Our Tragic in Pittsburgh directed by one of my best friends Steven Wilson at No Name Players. There is one more weekend. The show was fantastic. And to comment of my first time in Pittsburgh, what a great city, now I understand the effusive hometown pride the locals feel. I also got to see Erin Barlow, who was the original Antigone in These Seven Sicknesses in Chicago. I like my friends.

Over the course of the next year, I want to try to organize several twelve-hour readings of All Our Tragic at different theaters around the country. I have done several in and around Chicago, and they are always incredibly satisfying theatrical events. Please let me know if your theater is interested in hosting one of these readings. Also, let me know if you are a producer and are interested in perusing the current draft in consideration for production.

So that’s it, good bye Chicago, I will miss you tremendously, but I am excited by the future of this incredibly personal project.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions, I would love to hear from you:

Be well, sincerely,


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