All Our Tragic Update

Hello Nice People Who Read This,

The reading on Saturday was very rewarding for me. It achieved my two major goals: 1) To bring together different groups that worked on the script over the past year, 2) to help me isolate problems on which to focus during my fellowship at Radcliffe. Thank you to all the talented readers and guests. It was so great to spend the day with you all.

Since the last reading in April, my focus was allowing the audience to emotionally connect with the characters. There were many advancements made, but still more work needs to be done in this regard.

That being said, the current draft of All Our Tragic is definitely the strongest.

The times of all the acts are right, we finished the entire reading and ate a meal with in 10 and a half hours. In production, with the additions of songs, violence, and allowing some moments to breathe, I think the entire event will be at the goal of 12 hours.

There have always been two huge problem acts that were not as problematic in this reading. Act 7, which features PHILOKTETES, AJAX and HECUBA TROYFALL. This act was always a show stopper, but I think I finally figured a few things to make this act be much more cohesive and active. Then Act 9, called THE FURIES, which tells the story of Orestes after his matricide, and ends with Aeschylus’ THE FURIES. In past versions, it ended with a huge meta-theatrical comment on the entire All Our Tragic event, which I always got a huge kick out of, but truthfully, all audiences have been disappointed. In this version, I altered the structure of the act, and removed 99% of the theatrical cleverness. It now really tells a cohesive, emotional story and ends All Our Tragic on a sweet, sad and truthful note.

Still more work to do. And I am excited to spend another 9 months focussed on making All Our Tragic ready for a production.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments:


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