Upcoming Reading of All Our Tragic

Hello Everyone Interested,

I hope summer is treating you well. For the record, I love hot summer days.

I am writing this post because I am getting excited about the reading of All Our Tragic coming up this Saturday. I have the perfect cast and some great guests will be joining us. Lots of food and drink will be there, and for all of the heat wimps, AC.

This is not officially a public reading, but two audience spots opened up due to last minute cancelations from friends. So if any of you want to spend a beautiful summer Saturday indoors listening to 12 hours of Greek tragedy and eating fruit and falafel, please let me know, I would love to have you. The reading is this Saturday (7/13), 11AM to Midnight, in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago (I can send more details if you are interested) sean@seangraney.com

I love hosting these readings. I learn so much about the project every time I hear it out loud. And it is pretty great to just spend an entire day with a group of people I like very much.

Be well and happy, Sean

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