All Our Tragic: Radcliffe Institute Fellowship

Hello Everyone Interested,

Some of you may already know this exciting news, I have received a Fellowship at the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University from September 2013 to May 2014 in order to work on the script of All Our Tragic for another year. I am very honored and excited.

With this Fellowship, I can construct the most conducive work environment in order to put the final touches on the script- including having access to Harvard libraries and classes, being able to work with actors, and having vast amounts of dedicated time to write and only write. It is like a dream.

The major aspect of All Our Tragic on which I will concentrate are the many human stories at the core of this event. During the last reading many of my smart friends noticed an over all concentration on plot and I lost sight of empathy, which ironically is one of the major themes of the event. So I am excited to have this time to reconnect with the people that populate All Our Tragic.

At the close of this Fellowship, I will have a solid script for All Our Tragic, which can be produced any time after September 2014. (Do you know any crazy theaters interested in a 12 hour marathon of Greek tragedies? Get them in touch with me, Yay.)

The only sadness associated with all this news is that after 18 years, I will be leaving Chicago, a city that was very nice to me. In the future, I will continue to work occasionally with The Hypocrites, so most people won’t even know I am gone. But still it is sad for me to leave.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for reading this.

Sincerely, Sean

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