All Our Tragic Update

Hello all the nice people who read this stuff,

First of all I really appreciate you still being invested after a year and a month, you really have stuck with it. Great work.

I spent several hours this morning experimenting with a new look for this blog, but after multiple trials, I decided not to change. There was delightful theme with cartoon lions, that I kept returning to, very cute, but didn’t seem appropriate. So same old look and feel- like urban crumble/blue-print or something. Ho-hum.

Aside from an update on this blog, I wanted to send out a script update as well:

The script is 525 pages, 9 Acts (Part One: 5 Acts and Part Two: 4 Acts), every act an hour or under. When staged (if ever) it will run in its entirety about 12 hours.

I just finished two more phases of writing work on All Our Tragic.

The first at Depauw University in Greencastle, IN. Under the guidance of Tim Good, we spent a week working on the six Trojan plays, Acts 6 and 7 of the larger event. Most of the students really did not know what to expect, so it was extremely helpful to hear this difficult and graphic section read by such fresh eyes, and then hear their candid opinions. It was great work done by all.

The other phase was a class I taught at University of Chicago called Examining Greek Theater, this ten week class had such a major, major impact on the entire script. Each week we would focus on an act of All Our Tragic. The brilliant students would read, as homework, a more traditional version of a tragedy featured in the act. Then, in class, we would read the Act and discuss changes I made and what was the outcome of those changes. It was really fun, the students were very open and at times harsh. I had one really smart student who prefaced her frequent negative critiques with, “I think it’s a real loss you…” I loved it, and sometimes I hear her voice in my head while writing “I think it’s a real loss you…” This class led to some major re-writes with much deeper examinations.

I also personally have been doing a ton of work on Act 9, which is now called the Furies. It basically tells the story of Orestes after his matricide, it is a combination of four plays: three by Euripides- ORESTES, ANDROMACHE and IPHIGENIA AT TAURIS and Aeschylus’ THE FURIES. It is the only act with four plays (all the others have three), it is the only act with one protagonist living a continuous story, and it ends the entire event. I am really beginning to love this act in all of its strangeness.

That’s it for now, sorry again this blog has the same old look, “I think it’s a real loss you didn’t alter the look of this blog.” Maybe next time – cartoon lions, roarrrr.

And don’t forget the big Directed Reading coming up on Saturday, April 27th, noon to midnight at Illinois State University in Bloomington/Normal. Here is a link to my earlier post- Upcoming Directed Reading of All Our Tragic. Please come, it will be awesome to have a bunch of you supporters there so I can gauge your reactions and hear your feedbacks. Please let me know if you can make it.

Be well, please. I think you are great.


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