All Our Tragic Workshop, Part 2

Hello people who read this,

How are you? I hope 2013 is treating you well.

As the writing of All Our Tragic approaches is first year anniversary, I just finished a workshop of the second half at Illinois State University in Bloomington/Normal and it was amazing.

This was even more helpful than the workshop for the first part. The students were very honest about what wasn’t successful and pushed me to make much needed changes on sections that have sailed by previous critics.

The three plays that went through the most modifications: Elektra, now is very disturbing and fun; Andromache (as part of the final giant play Orestes and the Fury) which is much more interesting and active; and Hecuba Troyfall (a combination of the two Euripides’ plays Hecuba and Trojan Women) I have always loved this play and most readers have not, the students helped me maintain the graphic sadness of war, but keep the characters engaging and clear.

We will have a third part of the workshop that will culminate is a public reading of the play in its entirety. I am very much looking forward to it. Here are details, let me know if you are planning on attending, I would love to have you there, there are no tickets, pretty informal. Saturday, April 27th, 11AM to 11PM, Illinois State University- Bloomington/Normal. Exact space is yet to be determined.

Hopefully I will see you there. Be well.

Sincerely, Sean

PS: Just want to mention all the students by name- Omar Shammaa, Molly Briggs, Chris Bryant, Liz Dillard, Kelly Steik, Matt Helms, Allison Sokolowski, Kelsey Bunner, Janice Kulka, Kayla Stroner, Taylor Wisham, Alyssa Klein, Shelby Brand and Caitlin Boho. As well as there for most it- Angela Geiss and David Fisch. Then my very talented intelligent assistants: Elsa Torner and Angie Aiello. Thank you all. You are great!

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