All Our Tragic Workshop, Part 1

Hello everyone who reads this,

How are you? First of all, thank you so much for your continued interest and support. I really appreciate you, and please feel free to reach out to me at anytime.

Now the update, I just finished a 10 day workshop of the first half of All Our Tragic at Illinois State University in Bloomington/Normal and it was amazing. The student actors were incredibly intelligent and engaged. They gave truly insightful criticism. The script, over the ten days improved dramatically, especially the story of Adrastus and Alcestis. The students added so much to clarify all the characters, I learned so much from them. Like Herakles says “Ha-hey “a lot more than I thought he should.

Also, this was the first time I heard the Odd-Jobs sing. Three very talented young women with great voices, chose some really moving and funny tunes. (Including Beat It, and of course everyone sang along.) It was great to begin understanding how the Odd-Jobs function in this world. I gave them a bunch of sly asides as I did the Nurses in Seven Sicknesses, but it didn’t seem to work quite as well. I feel like the Odd-Jobs, should sing, clean, and help the audience navigate the large structure of the event, but keep their distance from the characters. Who’d have thought.

Overall, it was great to hear the play in the evening, have some great discussions, then spend the entire next day working on edits. I find that fun. Am I boring? I know the answer to that.

It was great getting to know the students and look forward to workshopping the second half the beginning of January with the same awesome group.

Be well. And I probably won’t post before, so Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.

Sincerely, Sean

PS: Just want to mention all the students by name- Omar Shammaa, Molly (not Olivia) Briggs, Chris Bryant, Liz Dillard, Kelly Steik, Matt Helms, Allison Sokolowski, Kelsey Bunner, Janice Kulka, Kayla Stroner, Taylor Wisham, Alyssa Klein, Shelby Brand and Caitlin Boho. As well as there for most it- Sara Shifflet and David Fisch. Then my very talented intelligent assistants: Elsa Torner and Angie Aiello. Thank you all. You are great!

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