All Our Tragic Reading Was a Success


I hope you are doing well.

The reading this past weekend was a success. It was 12 hours, including breaks. I will post some pictures soon.

Thanks to Heidi, Corrie and all the event planners for the opening of the Logan Center at University of Chicago. What a great building.

“Great work,” should be said to all of the readers and audience, especially the four people there for the entire 12 hours (you know who you are.)

I got a sense of the event being able to happen all in one day. There need to be more cuts, of material that will not be missed, I am planning on cutting another 100 pages, to get a final draft of around 550 pages. Remember when it was 1,250 pages. Mostly I have to cut down Hecuba Troyfall, the amalgam of Hecuba and Trojan Women, which is one of my favorite plays, but it is far too long and brutal to be part of a successful larger event. I am sad, but I know it must be done.

During the reading I also noticed some continuity issues because I folded the Herakles plays into the Thebes/Athens plays during the first part, which will work, it just needs some attention.

Adrastus, the leader of Argos during Seven Against Thebes, also needs some work. He has absorbed a few other characters in several plays, so his story is a mess, it will come together to create an interesting story line, but right now, he doesn’t have much clarity.

Then the Orestes plays still needs some help to create his huge arc of the character, the longest continuous character arc of All Our Tragic. I will be directing these plays at Lake Forest College in February, and I have high hopes for this production to help me clarify Orestes.

The next stage of development will be done at Illinois State University in Bloomington in December and January. I have been granted several weeks to workshop the script with students. I am very excited for this opportunity. I will let you know if any public events happen surrounding these workshops.

Thank so much. As always, please let me know if you have questions:

Be well.

Sincerely, Sean


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