Hello People Who Care About All Our Tragic,

I have been working on edits. Yay, edits!

Based on times of the reading, I have been sculpting the entire event. What I once called Days, will now be called Parts (not clever, just helpful):

First Part (Friday evening, 5-6 hours): It is now three acts instead of five, with a dinner and dessert during the two intermissions. It focuses on the same material as it always has, the political landscape of Thebes and Athens.

Second Part (Saturday Matinee, 2-3 hours): In two acts, this features all of the Herakles plays. Ideally it would be performed outside, to give people a break from being in the theater. Snacks will be given during the intermission.

Third Part (Saturday Evening, 4-5 hours): After an extended break in the day, of about 3 hours where people will be fed, offered other activities, or just have personal reflection time, then would begin the Third Part. This is in three acts and similar to the first night, there will be dinner and dessert during the intermissions. This Part deals with all of the Trojan War plays. It gets pretty intense. In my original draft the Second and Third Part were to be performed as one long event. During the reading, it was unbearable. I think the separation will be very helpful to the whole event.

Fourth Part (Sunday Whenever, 3-4 hours): This final day will be in two acts, and it goes from Agamemnon through the story of Orestes. The acts will be longer than the other days, but I figured if people are still around on the third day, they won’t mind. Having only two acts helps tell the story of the fugitive Orestes after his Matricide. During the intermission a snack will be available. But during the last play a meal is served where the audience and the cast eat together.

That will be my work for the next few weeks.

I will also be attaching some pictures from the reading taken by Ryan Bourque. Be well, thanks for reading.


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