Herakles Re-working

Hello All,

A little update on the All Our Tragic.

I went back and hammered out some details with Day 1, I am liking the shape it has taken.

I made some aggressive choices involving The Bacchae and Medea which feel good but, conceptually, may not hold over the long run. I put Medea in the beginning of the Bacchae, where Pentheus asks Medea, during a layover of the Argo, before it arrives in Corinth, to heal his mother Agave. Then things go horribly wrong. Horribly horribly wrong. Medea and Jason take off and leave Thebes to clean up the mess.

This helps tie the plays together and also helps us invest more in Medea’s story over the whole event. I thought it would feel forced and did it as an exercise more than anything, but I really liked the way it read.

Other than that I think the Seven Against Thebes story line is shaping up nicely. I still struggle with the character of Haemon, but I imagine some day he will make sense to me. He is hardly in any plays as written by the three Tragedians, then Antigone marries him. Right now I added him in Seven Against, which helps, but still I haven’t quite found his voice.

I started re-working Day 2. As I work on the Herakles plays (Herakles, The Children, Alcestis, In Trachis, and I added Prometheus and The Brides to this block) I am trying to construct a giant section to start Day 2 that is these 6 plays woven together, jumping back and forth through time. I broke the six plays into sections and am playing them as scenes rather than continuous action. So I end up having a 210 page section of all the jumbled Herakles plays that could stand alone as its own cycle event. I have also added scenes where Herakles returns from each of his 12 labors to receive the next assignment from Eurystheus. The problem with that is that there are 12 of them, so that is twelve extra scenes, that all have their own flavor.

I am not sure if anything is gained from this treatment, and it is difficult writing work for which I am not accustomed. I usually like to write adhering to the Aristotelean Unities, and this play does not. We will see if it worth it. I think it could be interesting, or a huge waste of time. But I felt Herakles deserved something that felt different to an audience from the rest of the All Our Tragic event.

Other than that Microsoft Word kept crashing on me and I was losing work, needless to state, it was frustrating. So I bought this program named Scrivener, it seems to work well, but has a few quirks and I am still getting used to it. I can keep all the plays in different sections and move them around, while still being able to look at the whole document, which is nice. But I am still a little lost on how to compile the script effectively (put different sections together)and print it out. If any one has tips for using Scrivener, please let me know.

Thank you for reading, please feel free to reach out at any time to check in on my progress. sean@seangraney.com

Be well.


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