The Gods

So I have already started work on 10 of the 32 tragedies. In various states of completion are the 7 Sophocles plays, and 3 from Aeschylus: The Persians, The Suppliant Maidens, and Prometheus Bound.

As I move forward, I had to abandon an initial desire of mine: up until this point, I removed any action or mention of the gods from these plays. (Much to the dismay of many  well-spoken Greek Tragedy purists.) I was interested in exploring these plays in a context where the human beings on earth chose actions based on the physical facts of the world immediately surrounding them. In many of these plays, I found when gods acted upon humans I personally became disengaged from the human’s journey.

Well I just began work on The Bacchae, and I quickly gave up on the desire to remove the gods from the equation.

At some point, I would love to have my version of all these plays live in a world where gods exist but are not explicitly mentioned, but how to achieve that is not clear quite yet. Perhaps it never will be. I’ll keep you posted.

Be well. Sean

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